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Berlin, de
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Hello out there. You are reading this, so I guess you want to know something about me… Gotta be really bored, mh? Allright, lets see what I can tell you… My name is Nadja. I'm from Germany so I'm already sorry for all spelling, grammar and vocabulary mistakes I'll make. My CV is kind of adventurous, cause I've been studying 3 different things so far (good chances that I finish the last one ), from Archaeology over Law to Digital Media (a mix of informatics, design and psychology… pretty cool though ^^) and work as a web developer/web designer in a bank (doesn't sound very exciting… well… it isn't ). More nonsense facts about me: I got a cat called Max (although it's a female cat), brown-green-blue eyes (yes, really), love computer games, theatres, musicals, photography and Terry Pratchett books, write fanfictions, draw, play guitar (not very well so far but I'm working on it ^^)… and I guess that's already enough about me.
Favorite Music:
I'm listening to almost everything ^^ (except techno, hiphop and such stuff :D)
Favorite TV Shows:
(writing this down I start believing that I hardly do something else but watching TV... but, believe me, I do ) Pushing Daisies (want a third season ), Dr. House, Scrubs, Desperate Housewives, The Nanny (still great ^^), Heroes, The Tudors, Rome, The Simpsons, Family Guy...
Favorite Movies:
Ooooh, so many... hrm... well, some samples: The Fall (simply wonderful *sigh*), Monty Python Movies (Life of Brian, Monty Python and the Holy Grail...), Equilibrium, Pirates of the Carribean, Identity, Indiana Jones, Batman (those with Bale ^^), Rocky Horror Picture Show, Dance of the Vampires (just cult :D ) .. and, I have to confess, I even like Jane Austen movies
Favorite Books:
Terry Pratchett Books, Eragon, Angels and Demons, The DaVinci Code, SPQR and Falco-Novels, Colleen McCollough (Ancient-Rome-Novels), LotR,The Hobbit...

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